Welups Project Is Officially Starting

Project Welups was officially starting on April 1st 2021, with Vugo and Vutrades belong to the financial and technology ecosystem developed by VuWorld Group, based in Dubai.

The plan is to bring Welups out across Asia

Vietnam was the first country for Welups to be the first pilot site. With favorable conditions such as economic growth, technological infrastructure development, especially the ability to control the Covid-19 epidemic, that’s the reason why we choose Vietnam. According to the roadmap, VuWorld will take further steps to get Welups to be prominent in capitals and countries such as Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, India,.. To be on the right track, it is required that we will constantly strive to perfect our products and services to give consumers and investors the best experience, thereby promoting the projected image to everyone all over Asia.

What does make Welups that is expected to be the new wave of investment?

Welups is a platform that encrypts assets such as car, house, gold, currency, commodity, or any other type of asset to be managed on the internet. Welups issued a token-based on Blockchain technology according to the plan and roadmap as follows:

Total issued 149.6 billion units. This amount will allocate:

  • 5% for internal sales: Apr-Jun, 2021
  • 10% for IEO: Jun, 2021 – Dec, 2021
  • 20% for developing VUTRADES and the ecosystem
  • 10% for developing VUCARE and the ecosystem
  • 10% for developing IDShare and its ecosystem
  • 10% for developing VUGO and the ecosystem
  • 10% for developing VUHOUSE and the ecosystem
  • 25% for developing the Blockchain for WELUPS and the ecosystem

Welups are means of payment and exchange in the VuWorld ecosystem, including:

  • Social network identifier VuLive.
  • VuGo smart car management application (Car fees, car sales, care services, insurance, mortgage)
  • VuHouse application (Trading, investment, sharing, service, etc. in real estate)
  • VuTrades exchange (Trading, investment, betting, game, casino, …)

WELups release 4 phases roadmap


  • Phase 1, April to June 2021: Pre-sales for $0.0005 + bonus

April: 20% bonus

May: 10% bonus

  • Phase 2, June 15th 2021 – December 15th 2021:

Starting IEOs for $0.001

  • Phase 3, January 2022:

Trading on the exchange

  • Phase 4, in 2023:

Launching VuWorld’s ecosystem

It is expected that WEL’s price will reach $1 – $10 in 2023. Welups promises to create a new revolution in asset encryption, let’s look forward to the upcoming Welups journey!