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Vugo – 4.0 automobile management application

Vugo – 4.0 automobile management application

VuGo app was developed by VUWO Group – headquartered in Dubai and Vietnam is a strong and active market in vehicle management

What’s VUGO? VUGO’s range of services

Nowadays, more automobile management apps have been presenting to the market. Even though these apps are diverse and multifunctional, clients’ increasing demands have not been properly met.

After long-term research and development, VUWO Group has launched VuGo application, to serve customers as best as possible.

And these are a few reasons for Vugo’s ability to meet clients’ needs.

What’s Vugo?

It is an application specialized in managing vehicles with a wide range of functions like:

1/ Verify cars

2/ Managing cars’ activity reports

3/ Car maintenance

4/ Parking management

5/ GPS

6/ Credit services – Loans – Car leasing

7/ Car dealings

8/ Virtual assistant

The app was developed by VUWO Group – headquartered in Dubai. Vietnam is a strong and active market in vehicle management. Therefore, VUWO actively chose this to be the first pilot site of VuGo’s Smart Parking service.

It can be said that the services that VuGo will provide are quite new to customers in Vietnam. However, from the market research made by VUWO, Vietnam is evaluated as a highly potential market and on a rise in the coming years.

Now, personal and business vehicle management which includes vehicle maintenance, parking, purchasing and many other activities will become easier with VuGo application. The involved steps will be completely digitized instead of a painstakingly long paper trail left behind, which has led to uncountable losses and mishaps. The convenience provided by Vugo will make clients secure and save them a lot of time managing their vehicles.

Currently, VuGo application is still in the trial state, expected to be officially launched in June 2021. It promises to bring interesting experiences to customers.

Vugo – 4.0 automobile management application

Vehicle management is now more than just driving your car around and keeping records of who people sell it to. With this VuGo, how people look at vehicle management is more varied – it is a process from vehicle verification to receiving detailed records of a car’s maintenance, parking history, sales, leasing contracts. The app even integrates with partners who provide “credit” using your car as a mortgage.

VuGo will be a connection between service providers and users. Optimizing the interaction process between the two parties, at the same time, it also creates a 2-way playground for trading assets. While it provides convenience, it is also contributing to speeding up the digitization of vehicle management in Vietnam in particular and the world in general.

VUGO’s services

In its first state of development, Vugo focuses on:

1. Vehicle verification

It is the most important function of VuGo application. Each individual owning means of transport such as bicycles, motorbikes, cars, planes, boats, etc will be verified (the identification process will include the steps in accordance with the law). Specifically, each vehicle will be provided a QR code that is saved in the personal account of its owner.

2. Vehicle management

This is expected to be the most popular section on Vugo. After the vehicle is attached with a QR code, the owner can use this QR code to connect to maintenance, cleaning, parking services and so on.

For example: instead of getting a parking ticket for a parking slot, the owner only needs to get the QR code scanned and the vehicle with that QR can claim a parking spot.

3. Car care-taking

In the process of using a car, its owner would want to know the condition of his vehicle so that he can easily manage it. New cars or used cars need car maintenance all the same, and the application will integrate the feature to notify and update the status of a vehicle to its owner. Then, the best car care suggestions will be ensured.

4. Parking management

Most car parks nowadays still manage manually and do not fancy much-integrated technology, so there has not been much improvement for the management of vehicles in car parks. That is the reason why Vugo decided to integrate parking management service with organizations and businesses that own parking lots to incorporate technology into the management, thus improve their professionalism and optimize the process.

5. GPS

Just like other GPS navigation tools on the market, in Vugo,  each vehicle identified on the VuGo app will have this feature built in. It is convenient for individuals and organizations that want to manage their vehicle routes and locations.

6. Credit services – Loans – Car leasing

The service is only available at VuGo. VuGo’s credit service is for anyone who needs to lend money in the form of a mortgage (with their vehicle as to the mortgage). A person’s property will be mortgaged at VuGo’s parking lots; the vehicle in question will be assessed and given an amount matching the property’s value.

7. Car dealings (owners to owners)

The car dealing platform is not new, but the one created by VuGo can be considered as a reformed platform that provides the same service because any car dealings are made from one owner to another, not through brokers or fraud. Since the vehicles are identified, buyers can access the vehicle information they wish to purchase.

8. Virtual assistant

To make it easier for people to understand this feature, they can think of it as Apple’s Siri. Vugo’s virtual assistant will answer questions and give car owners the best suggestions such as nearest parking lot, empty slots, reputed mechanics, etc.

The mentioned information is the general introduction of Vugo and its services.

The app will soon be introduced to users. Stay tuned to our releases on our channels to get the latest information on Vugo.